Palm oil in soap


+Moderately cleansing


Palm Oil In Soap

Palm oil is used in 35% of the world’s vegetable oil applications, a staggering percentage.

It’s another oil that is good enough to eat, having a presence in a large percentage of ready to eat foods you might find on supermarket shelves.

Using palm oil in soap is really key for us at Shower Blocks. Whilst Palm oil has moderate cleansing properties, a key function of it is in making a hard and durable product, making it perfefct for forming a good base to build from.

Palm oil is extremely high in the fatty acid, Palmitic acid. Palmitic acid can also be found in small quantities in other things, such as cheese (yes really) and coconut oil.

At Shower Blocks we only use RSPO certified sustainable Palm Oil. We regularly check the status of our suppliers’ certifications.