Want to stock Shower Blocks?

We’re a small UK based company working hard to bring our Shower Blocks to the masses. 

Below are the different ways in which you can buy wholesale from us for resale. 

Scroll down to find out more about each purchasing method. 


Direct Purchasing

Purchase  directly from us, get our price list, or ask us any questions.

Wholesaling Websites

Purchase our products from the likes of Faire or Ankorstore wholesaling websites.


Purchase our products from your regular suppliers as and when you need.

Direct Purchasing

Please touch base using the form (our preferred method of working with you).

We have a number of purchasing options to suit your size and buying needs.

Price list available on request..

10% off your first direct wholesale order for ALL new independent retail customers.

Wholesaling Websites

See the options below by clicking through to your preferred site. If you are a new customer to either of them, please be sure to use the link below to sign up in order to get your money off (don’t forget the discount code).

We also benefit from 0% commission on your orders forever if you do so.


We’re available on Ankorstore for anyone that does their purchasing there.

Use discount code – LIFT-FCNXCUAA – for a bubbly £100 off your first order for new customers.

Just click the link below.


We’re available on Faire for anyone that does their purchasing there.

A lathery £100 off your first order for new customers too, as well as free shipping for 1 whole year.

Just click the link below.


Green Pioneer

Wholesaler for the eco and design lead market in the UK and Europe

CLF Wholesale

Wholesaler for independent retailers, serving nationally.