Naked Shower Gel? Isn’t it just a bar of soap?

naked shower gel, soap for shower

Naked shower gel has been around for some time, and here at Shower Blocks they’ve been of great influence to our mission. Historically though, they’ve been very costly and so not so much of a viable option for many people wanting to replace their standard shower gel with a solid alternative that doesn’t break the bank.

They’re not really the same as what you’d consider your regular bar of soap. They do use similar ingredients in places, but if you think of how you shower, lather up and wash off the bubbles, there’s different needs for how the product and your skin reacts at each stage. A general bar of soap is usually a palm, coconut and olive style base, and on their own they can be very drying or ‘squeaky’. Naked shower gels aim to give you the same great feeling as the bottled stuff.

Why bother making it naked in the first place?

Now more than ever people are becoming more and more sustainably conscious, and plastic bottles have become a real bone of contention.  In the UK there’s approximately 200 million bottles used annually for shower gels… if we can impact even 1% of that we’ll be very happy.

There’s other great benefits of using Naked shower gel, in that they become easier to transport in your luggage for holiday, and they also use less water in their production. All that carbon footprint on their shipping is not wasted on water too.

Will Shower Blocks work as well as regular shower gel?

Absolutely. We spent a long time formulating the perfect ingredient blend to replicate a gel feeling at every stage. In particular the moment you wash the suds off is just as you’d expect. There’s no sticky and squeaky feeling you’d associate with a regular soap bar. Combine that with big bubbles, creamy lather and punchy fragrances there’s a lot to love.

Once you’ve used your Shower Block and feeling ready for your day, you simply put it on the side to dry out before the next use.