How to use shower soap

Shower soap, naked shower gel

Soap for the shower isn’t a new thing (obviously), and soap themselves have been around for as long as 6000 years around the time of the Babylonians (around 2800 BC).

Gels and liquid soaps have long since taken over the shower space for around 100 years , offering what’s seen as a more convenient and better feeling product than the traditional soap bar which in most cases has been considered to be somewhat drying and sticky during use. When gels were devised there was however no consideration on what happens to the plastic waste… it becomes someone else’s problem until the end of the line which no one really knew where it was, until very recently.

Our Totally Solid shower gels (aka soaps for the shower) aim to overcome the key problems with traditional soaps such as that sticky feel during usage and the fact they can be really drying. We’ve created (what we think is) the perfect product if you want to get away from those plastic bottles and add a bit more sustainability to your life. It’s the best of both worlds… great feeling showers with none of the plastic.

It might seem obvious, but there are some fundamental usage differences if you want to make the switch to our solid shower gels.

Washing yourself using soap for the shower

Washing with a soap for the shower compared to using a shower gel is quite a different experience. Gels are generally a fair bit quicker to bubble up due to the amount of water already within the product (and chemicals), so you will generally need to activate a bar product a bit more under the water.

From there you will get a creamy and bubbly lather, allowing you to wash yourself like you would have with your gel. Where Shower Blocks differs from other soap options is that they have a similar skin feel to a gel through the whole process, from creating a lather through to rinsing it off. It’s that easy.

Storing your soap

When you store your traditional shower gels, it’s true to say that it’s just easy. Stick them on a shower rack, whack them down in the corner, or stick them the other side of the bath. The outcome is the same every time. No mess.

Soap in the shower does have a little more thinking to do around how you keep them. It’s important to keep them dry after usage to avoid most of them turning to much, so definitely don’t leave in a wet pool in the corner.

Luckily there’s a number of handy products available to help you keep your bathroom tidy.

A Wooden Soap Dish: It allows you to keep the side of the bath looking neat and tidy, and gives maximum air circulation to allow your soap to dry off.

Wooden soap dish

A travel tin: For those of you on the go, this is perfect if you’re taking it through airports etc. No plastic bottles to worry about either.

Travel soap tin

Magnetised soap hangers: This is our personal favourite. Attach them to the side of the shower, attach the magnet to your soap, and then hang after use. The soap drip dries very quickly, and is out of the way in as tidy as possible fashion. You can get them in all kinds of materials and designs to suit your needs too.

Magnetic soap holder, soap for showers