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SHOWERBLOCKS are Totally Solid shower gels.
Just as bubbly, just as moisturising but totally plastic free!

Showers that leave you feeling good both inside and out.




Totally plastic free showers


Absolutely no animal based ingredients or testing. Ever.


Over 10% moisturisers in every Block for totally hydrated skin.


No squeaky clean feeling normally associated with soap bars...

...just great feeling skin.


We are totally paraben free. In fact we're 96% natural ingredients.




Our plastic free shower gel uses an exciting mix of traditional soap making methods combined with moisturising ingredients to formulate a product with modern usage in mind.

We don’t think any ‘soap’ product does it quite like us. Our Blocks leave no sticky feeling on the skin when washing off and leave your skin feeling fresh and moisturised all the way through. We don’t think any soap bar on the market can say the same. We’ve worked hard to create the shower gel feel but in the form of a soap bar. Totally Solid shower gel.

SHOWER BLOCKS use 96% naturally derived ingredients, including Palm (RSPO), Coconut, Olive, Hemp, Castor  and Sunflower oils. We also use over 10% moisturisers including vegetable glycerine (rapeseed derived) and fractionated coconut oil. We also use a small amount of fragrance oils and colouring that are not natural, but they add loads of fun and make you smell delicious.

You can see the full list of each product’s contents on their own page, and to find out more about what they do you can read about it on our blog pages.

There is a lot of controversy surrounding palm oil production, and rightly so. At Shower Blocks , we only use RSPO certified sustainable palm oil and this will never change. You can read our full Palm oil statement here.

Don’t worry, it’s not that scary. We have to put the Latin names on all our ingredient lists as part of the regulations. Our products are 96% natural or naturally derived (save for the fragrance oils and pigments), meaning we use as little synthetic ingredients as possible.

It’s probably quite obvious that on the outside we’re very focussed on not using unnecessary plastics, especially on our products we sell to our customers. Our commitments go deeper than that however. 

We’re passionate about removing as much plastics and needless materials from our whole supply chain as possible. You can read more about the things we’re trying to do to mitigate packaging here.

At the moment our plastic free shower gel is available on our own website and a number of small retailers. We’d love to chat if you’re a chain or independent and work together to get our SHOWER BLOCKS on your shelves.

We’re proud to say that SHOWER BLOCKS are made in the UK by our own fair hand, enabling us to help drive the local economy, provide employment and donate to charity with every sale made.

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